Monday, April 20, 2009

New to You!

Remember the sitcoms of the ‘80’s? Remember the flashback episodes where Alex P. Keaton reflected on his life right before college graduation or the Huxtables swapped stories before Theo moved on into the real world? Weren’t those some of the best?

This week’s Jules is a retrospective episode of sorts. I have been doing this for eight months now, with a fresh story every week, and have grown in readership from, basically, my parents to nearly 400 of you. Many of whom may not have read some of the earlier gems I have penned, which is why I have decided to publish this week a version called, “If You Haven’t Read It, It’s New To You!”

Now, I hate to just publish a total repeat, and, being a Libra, I could never decide on just one. So I have listed below four of my favorites from 2008 for you to read at your leisure. I hope you enjoy them, that you have a great week, and that you return next Monday (or whatever day you blow off work to laugh a little) for a new story…

My Summer Vacation Part I: Cruising Altitude
Enjoy the view from seat 13C aboard Southwest Airlines flight to Chicago. I sure did J

Bringing (Beach) Sexy Back
Why one should never order one’s swimsuit from a catalog.

Endurance: There is no Crying in Training
How I tortured my kids (and myself) during the summer of 2008

Work of Art
Caroline’s many contributions to her Kindergarten class.