Monday, July 20, 2009


(Scroll down for July 13th's story, "My Attempt at a Complaint-Free World")

Thank you to Judi at Lines Composed... and JenJen at Jen's Voices for this Major Award!

I am supposed to list ten things about myself that no one knows and then tag ten bloggers with this award. But I think everyone I follow has already received this one! I have some great links to the right, however, to a few of my favorites and tag anyone reading to partake if desired.

As for the ten things about me that no one knows, that is impossible, as I am one of the least private people I know. So, instead, I will list for you some of my rules I live by:

  • Do not buy clothes that require ironing unless you think there's a chance you might wear it on "Oprah"
  • Do not buy any home decor you don't love enough to dust
  • Always keep emergency feminine supplies in your car (ladies and ultra-sensitive men only)
  • Ice cream belongs in the dairy food group
  • Video games make children highly uninteresting
  • Uninteresting children are at risk for becoming uninteresting adults
  • Halloween costumes are for grown-ups too
  • I should not be allowed to use glue guns without proper supervision
  • Technically, anyone can karaoke
  • Obviously, not everyone should
Have a great week!


Judi said...

Those are great rules! (I am currently living by bullets 1 - 6.) By the way, you also got the Bella Sinclair award. I realize I did not make that clear in my original post so I've been following up with the recipients. Sorry about that!

JenJen said...

Hay Jules!
I am catching on my follows today...and thanks for mentioning me in your note!
Great list!