Monday, October 12, 2009

My Fall Line-Up

"We need to talk," Dave began with a long sigh after putting the kids to bed last week.

I had suspected this would be coming for some time now. After avoiding the topic all summer, the time to address it had arrived. We had some very big decisions to make.

“You know as well as I do that we have to stop trying to take on more than we can handle,” he said. And he was right. For months we have been trying to juggle entirely too much as a couple.

“So, where do we start?” I asked. Conversations like this are never easy.

“You have to let go of ‘Glee,’” he said apologetically.

Reprogramming our TiVo. We take it very seriously.

“Dave, I really think we can do it,” I was already getting emotional. “’Prison Break’ ended months ago.”

“I can’t believe that show lasted three years,” he said. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was four.

“I broke free from ‘Desperate Housewives’ in 2008,” I reasoned.

“Really? Because you’re starting to sound a little desperate to me right now,” he replied.

“And ‘24’ won’t start up again until January. We have plenty of time for ‘Glee!’”

“One more season of ‘24’ and we will have officially spent a solid week of our lives watching Jack Bauer save the world,” he said, “and you are forgetting that we’ve also picked up ‘Dexter’ and ‘Chelsea Lately’ since then.”

“But Chelsea’s more of a filler,” I reminded him, “for re-run weeks, you know? That leaves us 26 weeks we could watch ‘Glee.’”

“Honey we’ve had the ‘Glee’ pilot saved since mid-September and are only 15 minutes into it.”

“That’s because you fell asleep,” I tried not to roll my eyes.

“So, why do you think I would stay awake next time?” He posed a good question.

DA-boop! went our TiVo, and gone was “Glee.”

“That’s fine, I said, but don’t take away ‘Modern Family,’” I pleaded. “I haven’t related to characters this much since Paul and Jamie Buchman back in the ‘90’s.”

“Plus,” I added, “I can’t let another season go by without adding a new show. We missed out on ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Weeds,’ and ‘Grey’s.’ I can’t let something so socially tragic as that happen again, and I'm not waiting for the midseason replacements to do it!”

“Fine, we add ‘Modern Family,’” he said with the push of a button.

Ba-DOOP! Yesss! “Modern Family” survives!

(Great show, if you haven’t caught it yet, btw.)

He continued to scroll through our list.


“Don’t you dare—“

“I’m just kidding!” he laughed as he continued scrolling down our “to-do” list. “We’re definitely keeping ’30 Rock,’ ‘SNL,’ and ‘The Office,’” he said, as if NBC were cutting a check each week to do so.

“Duh,” I replied. How does one become a Nielson Family, I wondered to myself? Talk about a job I was made for…

My thought was interrupted. “’Project Runway?!?’”

“It’s for the girls,” I lied. Not really, though. I’m a girl too…

“Wait a minute,” I said, pointing to the screen, “How many ESPN’s are there?”

“It’s for Fantasy Football,” he explained. As if that made it right. And I was just about to lecture him on the difference between fantasy and reality when he uncovered a secret little indulgence of my own.

’My Antonio?’” he raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, I, uh, I have no idea how that got there,” I said, which actually was a complete lie this time. It got there because I put it there. On purpose. And I love it. Antonio Sabato, Jr.? Looking for love in Hawaii? If I didn’t have a husband, four kids, and a modicum of pride and self-worth, I would be all over the man once known as Jagger Cates. But since I do have said qualities, I’m totally pulling for Brooke.

Don’t judge me.


(I must have said that last part out loud.)

(No worries, though. I’m adding it back as soon as he leaves for work today.)

(Antonio is down to his final three; I’ll keep you posted!)


f8hasit said...

I TiVo all the time, but never get back to watch the programs!

Someday, maybe. By then Jack Bauer will be on social security. He may not be as hot then...
but then, neither will I!

JenJen said...

I'm a social tragic.
I can't get in to any show.
Although. I did like Nip/Tuck and Big Love.

Anonymous said...

you could add Sons of Anarchy (Charles Hunnam shirtless in every scene PLEASE!), Saving Grace (all I can say is WOW), The Closer(for my daughter SERIOUSLY!), Ghost Hunters (for my kids - HONEST!)

Knucklehead said...

I've had my DVR for about a month, and I don't know how I ever lived without it. I don't keep stuff once I've watched it, but it's nice to be able to record games that start before I get home from work.

Project Runway? I thought you said Project Runaway. That would be interesting . . . a teen version of "Cops".

Anonymous said...

Wow, Australia has some catching up to do! We don't have cable and I don't even know what "tivo" is. Still watching "free to air" television and it was only a few months ago that my sister introduced me to "Brothers and Sisters" on line! TV Shack website is the best! That's addictive enough!

My oldest daughter reminds me constantly that she's the only girl in the world who is restricted to 1 hour of television a day! (maybe she's right!)

kk said...

What a great post! It's like you hang out in MY living room every night!

And Modern Family is awesome!

(btw, we were a Nielsen family last summer...i feel we got jipped tho, because no good TV was on!)

LC in Hawktown said...

Loved your blog, but don't let your husband de-Tivo Project Runway! And don't let him think that show is only for the girls! We don't have Tivo or a DVR,but my husband and I have both watched Project Runway every week for the past several seasons. Even though he's a physicist (retired), he seems to really enjoy watching the creative process (even when it doesn't always come through for every designer every week),the various quirky designers and, of course, the wonderful Tim Gunn. Tim gives the best fashion advice ever! Our son and his girlfriend also are huge fans. I imagine my two men are not the only straight guys that watch this show. (They are definitely not the metrosexual kind of guy, either.)
:)P.S. The ever fabulous -and fierce-Christian Sirano was just at a mall in our large Midwestern city Monday afternoon - and in our Midwestern college town last winter!

Leah Rubin said...

Yeah, the Tivo negotiations-- fun...

Love Modern Family, and Glee stays for now, too! Try Damages! It's so amazing!

Chrissy said...

I LOVE My Antonio but I think for different reasons than you.

Yes, he's pretty, but can you imagine living with such a narcissist and his mother, Cruella Deville? I hope he goes back to Tully. They deserve each other. Brooke is way too smart.

Meandering Mel said...

I LOVE Glee. :) I've been watching it on Hulu (but they only post the most recent 5 episodes.)

We don't have cable or anything, so we netflix or hulu everything (or trade external hard-drives with friends...) and have a fancy cable that hooks from our laptop to the tv, so we can still watch everything on a big screen. It's awesome.

I'm not allowed to watch "Heroes" without the boy, but I can get away with getting ahead on 30 rock (on hulu), How I Met Your Mother (A MUST! You both have to check it out) and other shows.


Tanya said...

I love Glee!!!! My hubby even watches it with me but if asked I'm sure he would deny it and just say that he is in the room when I watch it!!LOL
I have Modern Family DVR'd but haven't watched any of them yet. I think I will watch them tonight!!!! Thanks again for another great blog!!!!