Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Weekly Jules is going to spend some time under re-construction. Botox? Implants? No, nothing that exciting. Just re-evaluating the direction for the blog while a few irons heat up in the fire.

In the meantime, I want to wish my blogger friends a very happy summer (school's out in 90 minutes, my party-of-one clock is ticking) and promise to check in as much as I can...

  • Chris at Knucklehead:  With every post, you prove The Onion should be begging you to drop out of school and work for them.
  • Cora and Scope:  Best Wishes for happiness always and forever! (Check them out, they met RIGHT HERE in blog world and are getting MARRIED this summer!)
  • Mrs. Eye Can See:  I hope to be back before baby boy bounces out, which I hope is quick and painless. He will re-define "worth the squeeze!"
  • Skylar's Dad:  You embody two of my favorite things. Parenting special-needs and a twisted loved of tattoos.
  • Ron:  Everyone needs a friend like you to entertain, inform and give us the Hollywood down-low. Always remember and never forget, you can go as fast as you want!
  • And check out newbie blogger, Eddie C, for insight and humor as he navigates his way around our ever-changing world and prepares for marriage this fall!
And be sure to check out the Lawrence Journal-World (search Julie Dunlap) for River City Jules, appearing every Monday.

Have a great summer, see you again soon!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy a well earned break. I've really appreciated your blogs and I thank you in anticipation of an early return. Kind regards, Elizabeth.

RV Roof Repair said...

It looks like a very busy summer season for you. But however i also want to wish you a very happy summer season. Good Luck...