Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Basketball is a FAMILY Show!

Dear Allen Fieldhouse "Kiss Cam" Operator,

I understand the second half, under-eight TV timeout leaves you feeling obligated to entertain the 16,300 college basketball fans in attendance who would otherwise be left twiddling their thumbs while waiting for the Kansas Jayhawks to take the court again.

And I, like my fellow basketball enthusiasts, certainly enjoy it when you fill that time by zooming in on happy couples and watching their reactions to seeing themselves on the big screen above the scoreboard and then kissing. On the very big screen. In front of everyone.

And I do think that was very sweet of you to take notice of my daughter pointing at my husband and me, begging you to put us on the "Kiss Cam" just after the elderly couple who did not seem to know they were being filmed.

Believe me, my daughter has never been made to feel more special.


After Dave and I obliged you with a very cute (albeit somewhat flustered) smooch, you proceeded to linger. We looked up on the screen, expecting to watch your next victims - er - lovebirds, only to find we were still the target. On the very big screen. In front of everyone.

We had followed the protocol perfectly. We pointed, we laughed, we kissed, just like the "Kiss Cam" unwritten rules state. Yet you did not leave us alone.

Thinking this was just a video delay, I smiled at the screen. But things quickly got uncomfortable, and I began to wonder what, exactly, you wanted us to do.

And why on earth you thought we were going to do that live onscreen at Allen Fieldhouse?

So, for future reference, please remember that we are happy to provide you with a free peek at first base, but you are not welcome to stick around in hopes of catching a glimpse of second.

No matter how much air time you are willing to give us.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk,


JenJen said...

maybe he left it on you while he went for a potty break?

la aventurista said...

This is hysterical...I feel like all the sporting events I've been to include at the kiss cam operator lingering on at least one couple and I never understand why they want them to do that in front of everyone at a sporting event. And when the couple isn't as discreet as you and your husband, umm...ewww?

KK said...

I think it's because you're a celebrity now. :-)

Dan said...

Hello. I'm new.


I'm from the UK and I understood most of your post, but some things I am unsure of.

1) Allen Fieldhouse (Who he?)

2) Under eight TV timeout (Small children have to leave the room?)

3) Kansas Jayhawkes (They are a good team, right?)

Other than that, I really like your blog and have decided to stay.

I am very easy to look after, but they may be more questions.

Nice to meet you!

Mr. Knucklehead said...

You should have turned it into the "flip the bird" cam. I woulda.

Jules said...

JenJen - That makes perfect sense!

LA - I think it's a ploy to get girls interested in the game---or to embarrass the men in their lives


Dan - You pose many great questions for readers not familiar with American sporting events (many of those readers likely being Americans themselves!). I will try to answer for you:
Allen Fieldhouse is the venue where the University of Kansas plays basketball. It is named after William "Phog" Allen, who played at KU under James Naismith (Naismith invented the game) and later coached for 39 years at KU. The Fieldhouse is about 55 years old, not nearly as fancy as most newer facilities, and is one of the top-rated places to experience a college game in the country. Please let me know if you ever make here during basketball season, I will get you set up with seats!
Under-eight TV timeout... In order to pay for all of this fun, the TV networks showing the game need to ensure they will be able to sell commercial time. Because there is no guarantee when/if a timeout will be called by a team, certain "TV timeouts" are built into the game. (American commercialism, I know.) These take place at the first available breaks in the game under the 12-minute, 8-minute, um, maybe 4-minute?, and definitely 2-minute marks. Those attending the game sit there and wait for the game to resume.
Kansas Jayhawks rule the universe and are currently ranked #1. Yep, they're good!
Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you here again!

DK - That's a risky move, I would hate to get kicked out and miss the "Rock Chalk Chant" at the end of the game!!

The Jules said...

Was there a couple doing the 69 behind you, because that's great telly.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the post too. However, I did appreciate it a whole lot more after I got some clarity on the agenda items that Dan posted. :-)

Aussies should get more into the College sports!

Enjoy your week.

Sassy Britches said...

It's hard to be creative on-the-spot, so maybe next time you could have a litany of ideas of things to do for lingering Kiss Cam moments such as these (i.e., pick your nose, pick your husband's nose, pick the nose of the guy behind you, you get the idea).