Wednesday, April 28, 2010


   "Fetch" is about as simple as a game could be.
   I throw the ball into the backyard. Dog runs to the ball. Dog picks it up with his mouth and returns the ball to me. Repeat.
   Dog gets all hot and panting, I do not.
   Dog wags his tail, scampering about in nature, I sit under the shade of our pergola and maintain a resting heart rate.
   Easy, right?
   Not yesterday...
   I throw the ball into the backyard. Dog runs to the ball. Dog picks it up with his mouth and puts it back down. Dog pees on it. Dog runs away.
   And I abandon my resting heart rate in favor of wagging my tail, scampering about the neighborhood looking for Dog, who appears on our driveway only after I resort to driving a two-mile loop at a child-predator pace in search of him.
   At this rate he will never learn to play chess.


Sassy Britches said...

I highly suspect he already knows HOW to play chess--and you're his pawn!

Jules said...

Amen, sister. I'm having trouble commenting on your blog, SB, please know I am reading but blogger won't load the comment page on my laptop before timing out :(

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

My dogs do well with fetch, it's the "bring it back" part that they struggle with.

Liz in Hawktown said...

Love this one,Jules. My son and his girlfriend have a four-year-old,70-pound white standard poodle who will chase after the ball but never brings it back. They got this dog when he "flunked out" of an SPCA hearing alert dog training program because he refused to "get with the program." He is so smart,the look in his eyes are almost human,but... He does alert to cheese,which he loves. Perhaps it's the poodle in your Labradoodle!
P.S.When we were much younger,we "rented" a golden lab,along with her home. (Her owners were on sabbatical and couldn't take her with them.) She had been an obedience school champ,but we had to chase her down with the car when she escaped out of the house! Perhaps,it's both the poodle and the Lab in your puppy! Good advice:Never get a dog that outweighs your youngest child ...although the smaller dogs seem to bark a lot more to compensate for their size!

lucy said...

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